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Mental Health at Workplace

From 3 rd to 6th November 2019, Rivets Learning Inc. conducted a successful international training on ‘Mental Health at Workplace’ in Bangkok, Thailand. The training offered an opportunity to managers, HR professionals and business leaders to understand the issues of mental health at workplace and how it is connected to personal growth and organisational development. [...]


Strategic Thinking and Resource Mobilisation

Our first international training was held in Istanbul, Turkey from 4 th to 8 th February 2019 on ‘Strategic Thinking and Resource Mobilisation’. This training aimed at developing capacities of management professionals, CSO leaders, entrepreneurs and public sector employees to think strategically and explore new solutions to old problems. The training was led by Harris [...]


Art of Influencing and Campaigning

This training aims at equipping participants with key concepts and skill of influencing and campaigning in social and political context. It will enable participants to understand the theoretical foundations of this art and help them apply this knowledge in their usual work routine. This training will also be an opportunity to learn about the global [...]

Primary Themes

All our management, research and programming effort is sensitive to the inclusion of women, youth and disadvantaged groups in society

1. Governance and Accountability

Focusing political inclusion and efficient services across education, health and municipal amenities.

2. Economic well being

Bringing together individuals and communities through enterprise development.

3. Culture and Arts

Encouraging and supporting artistic expression and cultural activities all over Pakistan.

4. Preventing Extremism

Creating an inclusive and plural society and polity with the primary involvement of youth.

5. Humanitarian Response Planning

Centring the needs of most vulnerable in rescue, relief, early recovery and rehabilitation work.