We offer

Project Management:

Strategic Planning

Work Planning


Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

Growth and Change Management

Human Resource

Financial and Safeguard Compliance

Resource Mobilisation

Research and Evaluation:

Baseline, Mid-line and End-line study/survey

Periodic, Mid-term and End of Project evaluation

Academic and action research

Policy analysis and advocacy

Management review

Gender audit

Capacity Development

We plan and deliver regular and customised training programmes for the public, private and non-profit sector, international development organisations, and individuals (students, entrepreneurs, activists, researchers) in the above-mentioned areas with a particular focus on leadership and inclusion.

Primary Themes

Governance and Accountability: Focusing political inclusion and efficient services across education, health and municipal amenities

Economic well being: Bringing together individuals and communities through enterprise development

Culture and Arts: Encouraging and supporting artistic expression and cultural activities

Preventing Extremism: Creating an inclusive and plural society and polity with the primary involvement of youth

Humanitarian Response Planning: Centring the needs of most vulnerable in rescue, relief, early recovery and rehabilitation work

All our management, research and programming effort is sensitive to the inclusion of women, youth and disadvantaged groups in society.